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A better, more convenient healthcare option has finally arrived.

The Kern High School District has partnered with Everside Health (formerly HealthStat) to provide a distinctive and convenient resolution to rising healthcare costs while helping employees, spouses, and dependents stay healthy.


Providing a better option.

EduCare has eliminated the pesky annoyances of typical health visits you have grown accustomed to and added a wealth of benefits with easy access that provides a new refreshing experience to healthcare.


Easy scheduling

Pre-scheduled time slots eliminate the long wait and minimize the time in the lobby, allowing you to see the provider when expected.


Features at your fingertips

After your first appointment you will be granted access to Patient Portal. You can also download the Healow app for even more convenience.


Live healthier, live longer

Improve health with easily accessible primary care services. Engaging in health promotion and awareness activities can increase life expectancy.

We've got you covered.

EduCare is dedicated to providing high-quality, personalized health care with an extensive list of in-person services and virtual health, ensuring all patients receive the best treatment possible for their needs.

Certificated and classified

are eligible.

Providing access to a better healthcare option for the entire Kern High School District was a priority. Both certificated and classified employees are able to take advantage of EduCare's services and resources, as well as the employee's spouse and dependent(s).

Employees must be enrolled in a district insurance program to be eligible. Take a look at the full criteria of eligibility.

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