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Here are the FAQ's

  • Who is Everside Health?
    Everside is three companies that came together to create a different kind of healthcare experience. Paladina Health, Activate Healthcare and HealthStat each brought unique perspectives, a diverse footprint and an orientation to building relationships with employers and with patients. While originally different companies, we’ve shared that spirit in everything we’ve done, and are now one working as one: Everside Health. 2009: Activate Healthcare founded in Indianapolis 2011: Paladina Health founded within DaVita headquarters in Denver 2018: Paladina Health acquired by New Enterprise Associates (NEA), then completed $165M growth financing led by NEA, Oak HC/FT, Alta Partners, Greenspring Associates and additional investors 2019: Paladina Health acquired competitor Activate Healthcare in January to form one of the largest direct primary care providers in the space 2020: Paladina Health acquired Healthstat to expand its footprint and offer more complete healthcare services 2021: Paladina Health, Activate Healthcare and Healthstat became Everside Health
  • What is the benefit to KHSD?
    Everside Health will provide district leaders with healthcare strategy and planning guidance, as well as tailored solutions to meet the unique needs and dynamics of the workforce and budget. This will enable KHSD to reduce overall plan costs and absenteeism.
  • What is the benefit to me for using EduCare?
    The Health Center will be in place to help you become a healthier individual and take a more active role in your overall health so that you can live a longer, healthier life. You will also find that the Health Center saves time because it is located near your workplace and that the Health Center will save you money by providing services at no cost, as opposed to what a Primary Care Physician (PCP) office visit would cost.
  • What does EduCare offer?
    Acute care including the diagnosis and treatment of personal medical conditions such as colds, strep throat, ear infections, sinus infections, etc. Chronic condition management will cover care for issues such as hypertension, hyperlipidemia and diabetes. These types of medical care are governed by HIPAA regulations and will remain confidential. These services will be performed by a Nurse Practitioner (NP) or Physician’s Assistant (PA). In addition, the Health Center will offer lab services and point of care medication dispensing. Go to services
  • Who can use EduCare?
    Employees, spouses, and dependents ages 2+ that are covered on the medical plan.
  • Will Kern High School District have access to personal medical records that are collected at the Health Center at any time?
    In compliance with healthcare privacy laws, Everside Health will keep all personal medical records confidential. Kern High School District does not have access to the computer equipment or software program that stores the electronic medical records.
  • Who will staff EduCare?
    Kern High School District selected Everside Health, a leading provider of onsite health centers, to independently manage the health center. EduCare will be staffed by a full-time mid-level Provider (NP or PA), a part-time mid-level Provider (NP or PA), and 2 full-time RNs.
  • Are Health Center providers able to dispense medication or write a prescription during visits?
    EduCare will contain a dispensary that will stock the 40 most prescribed medications. These medications will be dispensed at no cost at the point-of-care. The clinician will also be able to write prescriptions for medications. These medications can be collected at your local pharmacy and will be billed at rates dictated by your pharmacy benefit plan. The health center will not stock or prescribe narcotic medications.
  • Will EduCare provide specialist referrals?
    Yes. If there is a need for a specialist, Everside Health providers will provide in-network referrals to top quality doctors and providers.
  • Will Health Center staff members be able to help employees understand coordination of benefits?
    Yes, they may be able to assist employees in understanding medical terms, coverage information, or information on preparing for physician visits or medical procedures. They will also provide health coaching to eligible employees.
  • Is there a charge for visiting EduCare?
    All services are provided at no cost.
  • Will eligible members need to make an appointment to see the healthcare provider?
    It is always best to make an appointment to see the provider. Appointments can be scheduled in-person or by phone at 866-959-9355. You can begin scheduling appointments today!
  • What if a member needs to be seen for a personal health care concern and the health center is not open?
    Individuals should contact their primary care doctor, go to an urgent care center, or if it is an emergency, go to the ER.
  • WIll I be required to visit EduCare?
    No, members are not required to visit the health center. However, it will provide easy and affordable access to health care for all eligible members.
  • Are facemasks required at EduCare?
    Yes. EduCare is requiring that facemasks be worn during your visit. Please view this guide on acceptable coverings and how to properly wear them.
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